Healthcare outsourcing services for USA, India and Worldwide is in demand as healthcare industry needs to provide high-quality medical care to meet patient requirement’s. With digital technology With digital technology that is available, Doctors convert the data and can provide you with the best suitable medicine; healthcare providers are in search of delivering services in tech-inventionsgoc way.

                 By leveraging the healthcare-domain knowledge, inventionsgoc partners with healthcare service providing companies will help them in investing and implementing new digital trends while reducing operational and resource-based costs. inventionsgoc healthcare outsourcing services help the healthcare organizations, enhance their patient’s satisfaction through seamless back-office operational support. Improving operational performance and technology, we support organizations in the reduction of cost. Our expertise in customer support helps us efficiently understand and manage all your patient concern and communication.


1) Electronic Medical Record Services

2) Electronic History Record Services

3) Hospital Management Services

4) Medical Billing Services

5) Medical Claims Processing

6) Medical Insurance Processing

7) Chat and Email Support

8) Financial Accounting Services


Having peace of mind by knowing you will be taken care off in need.


        We recommend few products (We tested in our Lab).

1. Blood Pressure

2. Diabetes

3. Sweat release on palms and feet.


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